About Megaflora 9

About Megaflora 9

Megaflora 9 is a new probiotic mixture which effectiveness and stability is much stronger than other mixtures. A special technology has been developed in order to obtain Megaflora 9 stability, which later on has been contrasted with the clinical investigation previously developed in this regard.

Megaflora 9 contains different probiotic strains consisting of 1x109 viable bacteria per gram. The selection of these lyophilized bacteria is based on its individual characteristics which balance its benefits and act harmoniously with the natural bowel microflora.

Besides, the living lyophilized strains, Megaflora 9 also contains a nutritive matrix which has been the object of an important study that has led to a combination of starches, enzymes and saccharides which not only act as nutrients for the bacteria but also create a suitable environment which ensures the bacteria stability.


About Megaflora 9

To improve the shelf life and effectiveness of Megaflora 9 we have developed a unique and innovative Technology called: ProbioAct (short for Probiotic Activity).

ProbioAct technology consists of bacteria-specific protective and nutritional ingredients. These ingredients are specifically selected and tested to increase:

  The shelf life of the product

  • Gastro-intestinal survival of the bacteria
  • Activity of the bacteria in the intestine

  •   ProbioAct boosts the effect of Megaflora 9 to optimize the result for the consumer.

    About Megaflora 9

    The enzymes that have been used in this matrix are mainly amylases that are used in the food industry. These amylases contain the nutrients for the bacteria. In Megaflora 9 production, we have used a special FOS which is made of short and long carbon chains. The FOS is used as prebiotic component for the bacteria and the natural bowel flora.

    In addition to its great stability, Megaflora 9 also has an important biological function. The in vitro experiments with Megaflora 9 showed that this mineral matrix increases the bacteria activity after passing through the stomach.

    The combination of the strains and the organic and mineral matrix ensure the product stability and biological activity.

    In reality the indicator used to evaluate the quality of the probiotic or the probiotic mixture is its activity, its survival in the intestinal tract and the product stability. The number of existing probiotics in the initial product is an important element which contributes to define the quality.


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