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Megaflora 9

The human gastrointestinal tract is populated with as many as 100 trillion bacterial cells. This means over 90% of the total amount of human body cells are bacteria cells, the so called intestinal microbiota. At this point, over 2000 species are identified as being part of the human microbiota.

Due to different stress factors such as an unbalanced diet, the use of antibiotics, endurance sports, travelling or physiological stress, the balance in the intestinal microbiota can be disturbed. Probiotics are designed to prevent or treat disturbances in the intestinal microbiota. It is shown that multispecies probiotics are more effective than monostrain probiotics, since these multispecies can be active at different levels (tract, mucose and inner). Probiotics can produce bacteriocins and lactic acid and thereby inhibit the growth of pathogens. Due to a stress factor and the hereby caused disturbance of the microbiota, an overgrowth of pathogens is possible. Depending on the pathogen, the overgrowth can cause long or short term disturbances in the gut and can lead to several disorders. Since pathogen inhibition is one of the modes of action of multispecies probiotics, several pathogen associated disorders may be prevented by the use of multispecies probiotics.

Megaflora 9 is a product specifically developed for supporting the intestinal microbiota. We have tested Megaflora 9 on its ability to inhibit the growth of four pathogens: Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis, Shigella spp and Pantoea agglomerans. The results show that there is a strong relation between the indication and a particular pathogen and these data can thereby be used as data explaining the mode of action and effectiveness of a product.

The results of this trial show that Megaflora 9 inhibits effectively the four pathogens studied and that it can be used in the following situations:

  • Infectious diarrhoea
  • Travellers’ diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Antibiotic-associated diarrhoea
  • IBD; Crohn’s disease
  • Septic and Reactive Arthritis
  • Urinary tract infections
  • As a high quality broad spectrum probiotics, it is important that Megaflora 9 is able to inhibit these pathogens and thereby be used for maintaining a good and balanced intestinal health.

    Megaflora 9 activity against Candida albicans

    Megaflora 9 is a highly effective general multispecies probiotic specifically designed for managing and maintaining the intestinal balance and thereby effective for several applications. Recently, an in vitro test to evaluate the activity of Megaflora 9 on intestinal candidiasis has been made.

    Although Candida (C. albicans) is already present after birth and normally present in the gut of about 70% of healthy adults, it is an opportunistic yeast that frequently causes infections of the mucosa and skin under certain conditions, especially immunosuppression. Also an imbalance of the normal microbiota after antibiotic treatment is considered an important risk factor for the development of a Candida infection.

    Some clinical studies have shown that the treatment with probiotic bacteria could have therapeutic as well as preventive effects against such infections by inhibiting Candida and restoring the microbiota. Probiotic mechanisms include:

  • Pathogen inhibition and restoration of microbial homeostasis.
  • Enhancement of epithelial barrier function.
  • Modulation of immune response.
  • Bacterial strains in Megaflora 9 have been tested for their capacity to inhibit the pathogen Candida albicans associated with intestinal candidiasis. Two Candida albicans strains present in human gut were used. The results showed that all Lactococcus and Lactobacillus strains present in Megaflora 9 are very well able to inhibit the growth of Candida, with a minimum of 83% and a maximum of 100% of activity against candida.

    Taking into account that Megaflora 9 has not been specifically developed for the prevention and/or treatment of intestinal candidiasis, based upon the results obtained, it can be stated that Megaflora 9 could be used to alleviate intestinal candidiasis."

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